My husband and I are very chill, simple and humble people.  simple wedding

When we knew that we wanted to get married we knew that we didn’t want to do the whole traditional wedding.

The big wedding scene is just not us. At. All. We began to think of ideas of where we wanted to have our wedding without spending so much money, after a long and frustrating searching and looking at different venues we decided just to have it at our home… at first. We were going to have our local pizzeria cater the wedding so I emailed the owners and asked for an estimate. We got positive feedback and they were able to work with our budget. YAY!
My husband and I just thought to ask, out of curiosity, if we could have our wedding there at the pizzeria. We were so anxious and hoping they would say yes since it would make it so much easier for us. We knew there would be enough space outside for our intimate wedding. They have an awesome patio with beautiful hanging string lights with tables and open space.

I was so antsy waiting for that email to come through.

our stress-free and intimate wedding

I read the e-mail and they said YES to having the wedding there at the pizza parlor and they would cater the event all while working with our budget. We were both in “wow” mode and automatically had positive vibes about it. That weekend we were able to meet with the owners and talk more in detail about what we wanted and how we envisioned our wedding to be. When we met up they were very welcoming and ready to get to business.

Right off the bat, we told them that we were not doing anything traditionally we just wanted something simple and chill. They were very respectful of our wishes and wanted to make our day as stress-free as possible, which we loved. We left the meeting with happiness, excitement and prepared for our big day! For the food, we decided to have a variety of pizza, spaghetti with meatballs, salad, and breadsticks.

My dress, the cake and the decorations were simple and inexpensive. My dress was on clearance at Dillard’s. The decorations were from Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Walmart.  The cake we got at our local HEB and we just picked one of their cakes they had on display and customized it. In my eyes, I think it all looked so beautiful. I think what compliment it all the most and what made it not look so “cheap” was the weather and the layout of the patio.

Our simple wedding turned out beyond perfect!


After the wedding, my husband and I were in awe.

We could not stop talking about how everything was just so awesome. Thanks to all at Mattengas pizzeria who helped make our day perfect we cannot thank them enough. You could tell all of our family genuinely loved the wedding and especially the food! During the wedding, my brother in law was telling me that he really liked the wedding and he liked how it really represented us and we didn’t do something that we didn’t want to do. He also explained to me that my cousin was telling him that he as well, liked the wedding because he felt relaxed and he felt like he could just be himself. After hearing all of that, that just made me so happy. That’s exactly what we wanted. Everything was stress-free thanks to the staff and owners of Mattengas and also my mom and sister for doing the decorations. We LOVED our wedding. I would totally do it all over again.

To me, there is no point in spending so much money on one day. I know everyone is different and to each their own. This is just my opinion. I had always wanted a simple and intimate wedding. Not the same ole thing that you see all the time with tons of people I wanted this to be our day. Our day that we don’t stress about. Our day to mark our forever love and spend with our family. That’s exactly what we got and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. We seriously didn’t have to worry about a thing. Although, naturally my husband and I are always making sure things are going well with everyone. I hope that you too have a wedding that you can enjoy and say that everything went as planned because at the end the day it is about you and your significant other forever being joined together with love. It’s about the two of you. So, enjoy it and don’t get too stressed out.


Much love, Taylor Grey with a pink heart







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