Monday motivation


Get up, get ready and let’s conquer the day (:

It’s Monday! Monday is, most of the time, catch up day.
This is what I usually do on Mondays.

-I like to start off with making a list of the things that I need or want to do for the day.

monday motivation 

Whatever I do not get to do, I move it over to the next day.

This technique really helps me keep my brain from going POOF and forgetting what I want/need to do. I don’t go in any particular order I just do what I can do at the time. With two kids, one-year-old and three-year-old, you never know how they are going to be so I just do what I can.
– I try to do the grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday depending on if we need anything for dinner on Monday night or not. If we do have something for dinner then I will go on Tuesday to the groceries. Today we didn’t have anything for dinner so I made a quick run to Costco since the baby needed diapers. While there I got a rotisserie chicken and I will be making that with corn and sweet potato fries… yummy yum yum! I usually just go to HEB on Monday and get what we need for the week but I will just do that on Tuesday (: Once in a while, my husband will actually want to go grocery shopping so we sometimes go Sunday night or Monday night.
-Around the house, I just do a little picking up or if something is a disaster and I didn’t get to get to it during the weekend then I will do that. In this case, today, I have to organize Julian’s room. His room gets so crazy all of the time lol
I do my best not to bombard myself with too much and get myself all crazy haha. I always tell myself that things are not always gonna go the way you imagine them to be. Like I mentioned before, I do what I can when I can with the time that I have. I used to stress and get depressed because I wanted to do so so much around the house and I always wanted it to be spic and span but you know what? That is just not the way things are especially with kids in the household and we added a puppy to our family lol which makes things more hectic but my gosh we love him!

Just remember to do what keeps you sane and happy

Everyone have a beautiful Motivational Monday.


Much love, Taylor Grey with a pink heart







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