I seriously really enjoy finding a bomb a$$ deal. I love going to thrift stores, resale shops, garage sales, flea markets and I always head to the clearance section first when I go to the big box stores. My brain is now programmed to not buy stuff at regular price unless I really know that I won’t be able to get a discount or find it anywhere else.

When I do buy regular price I feel all guilty and the funny part is that after all the searching I did beforehand I end up finding the same thing or something like it at a garage sale or something.. like really?! lol. Oh, but when I do find me a good deal, man oh man I get this great feeling of accomplishment. It just feels good to know that I saved some money or that I can find something and make it into another item that I found that was WAY more expensive. I’m going to be giving you some tips that have helped me become the cheap shopper that I am (:


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1. Go to the store first and look around.

Sometimes you get better deals in the store than when you look online.
When I go to the store I have made it a habit of going straight to the clearance section first! Try to look through and find the best deal you can. To find really good deals, I like to go to the JC Penny clearance section. It’s the best I’ve found so far!! I’ve been able to find good brand clothing for my husband and me for about $2-$3 dollars each and for the kids I’ve found clothes for about $1 each.

2. Be creative.

If you find something that you like but it has a BIG price tag along with it, you need to get your creative thoughts flowing! I like to look on Pinterest to get ideas. The best place to shop to get your ideas flowing is Dollar Tree. I can always find something there to start creating something or to spruce an item up.

3. Shop garage sales and flea markets.

Oh goodness! Shopping garage sales and flea markets are so much fun (to me anyway haha). I shop these places when I’m in search of furniture and home decor that I can fix up. I found my daughters’ white dresser and nightstand for $25 dollars practically new! The people selling it just wanted to get rid of them because they had just purchased a new bed set. Like seriously had to take that REAl QUICK!!

4. Go to thrift stores and resale shops.

I have found such awesome deals at the thrift store and resale shops. I love shopping for clothes at Good Will and Texas thrift. Just the other day I found an Old Navy top and the Banana Republic pants for $.99 cents each. Both of those thrift stores have a different deal every day and I think its fun looking through everything and finding those daily deals. I only look for the deals of the day when I go. The two resale shops that I really like to shop at, here in Texas, are Uptown Cheapskate and Clothes Mentor. (Not sponsored by any of the thrift stores or resale shops. Just stating my truthful opinion.)

5. Shop online and use apps

* None of these websites are sponsored. I am stating my own opinion and I am going to be posting my referral codes if you wish to use them.
I don’t always shop online but when I do, I have a handful of apps that I like to look through and use to find the goodies if I am unable to find a  good deal anywhere else (;
On Jet, they have a little bit of everything. The awesome thing about this website is that when you shop and you add certain items to your cart or buy multiples then you start to see the prices go down little by little.
if you create an account with my link above, you will get $10 off your first order over $50 and I’ll get JetCash.
With Ebates you get a percentage back from the total amount you purchased on the many websites that they are linked to. I like to use Ebates when there are good sales online then I can get a good sale and money back from my purchase. I like it also because they send you a check in the mail of the total you got back from shopping.
If you use my referral code above, you are able to earn $10 on your first order over $25.
I use Ibotta mainly for my grocery receipts. What you do with this app is you unlock the offers on the products that you choose, upload your receipt to redeem the offers you selected to give you cash back.
sign up to my Ibotta team so you can get your welcome bonus of $10 using my referral code above. When you sign up and link your Facebook to make a team this helps you get bonuses to get more cash faster! Your friends on Facebook need to have the app as well.  It’s a fun way to earn cash back from grocery shopping or online shopping.
Hollar is like an online dollar store. This place has awesome deals and when you use my referral code above you are able to receive $5 when you sign up!
Groupon is an awesome place to find local deals or even when you want to have a getaway but on a budget. This site also has a “goods” section that has all different kinds of items from jewelry, clothes, appliances, and electronics. You should check it out to see what they have in your area!
I like to use retail me not to find coupons for stores that I may be going to or restaurants. Now you can purchase stuff through their app and receive cash back but I have not been able to do that through them yet.


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