Routine? What’s a routine?!

I tried doing a morning routine and they just don’t work for me. I just go ahead and go with the flow.

stay at home mom morning routine

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Okay, let’s talk mornings. My goodness, I am not a morning person what so ever! In all honesty, I really do try to be though. I always tell my husband, “If I don’t wake up in the morning please wake me up!” You wanna know how that goes?

morning routine

He wakes me up in the morning, but when he is getting ready to leave to work. (EYE ROLL!)

His excuse for not waking up is “You need your rest” or “Just wake up if you want to wake up”. Like really?! Sometimes I go into this DEEP sleep and I need him to wake me up so I can start my morning before the kids wake up. Waking up before the kids gives me a little time to my self which is always good for any mom to have.

When I am able to wake up with my husband I feel more refreshed throughout the day and calmer.

I love waking up with him and having quiet time together… if the kids stay asleep haha. Sometimes the kids wake up or one of them does and it’s all good. (If they wake up in a good mood) My husband likes to be able to spend a little bit of time with them before he leaves for work so he enjoys when they wake up early.

stay at home mom

Heres how this little “routine” goes.

As my husband finishes up getting ready, I make him coffee and once in a while, I will make him a small breakfast. During the week he’s not a breakfast person. Shoot, easier for me (; Sometimes I’ll make a coffee but I try to go more for tea or water. I get our dog, Maui, some food and water then take him out to do his business.

When Alex, my husband, is done getting ready we will sit together downstairs at the table and talk just about whatever and enjoy our time. By the time we know it, it’s time for Alex to head out. BUMMER!!

If the kids are still asleep. I will get on my laptop, go through my emails, go through social media and do some brainstorming for blog ideas. During that process, the kids usually wake up and I’ll fix the bed, freshen them up and let them play for a bit. They get hungry around 9 so I just do something easy for them. Waffles, cereal, pancakes fruit, and bean & cheese are their “go-to” breakfast essentials.

Once we are done with breakfast I will tidy up downstairs and then head upstairs (our next house WILL BE one story, I am so done with stairs haha). We get dressed and ready for the day. I’ll clean for a bit then we will run any errands that need to be done. That is our simple “routine”, It doesn’t always go as smooth but aye that’s life! Gotta roll with the punches and turn it into something positive.

Remember… “Start each day with a positive thought.”


Much love, Taylor Grey with a pink heart







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