Thrift store haul

My husband asked me, “Why do you like to buy clothes from the thrift store?”

My reply, “I don’t know. It’s supposed to be helpful for the environment and I like the fact that I can find name brand clothes for really good prices.” I mean it’s true though! Let me show you what I found. These prices you can’t find at the retail store. Everything at the thrift store was 50% off since it was MLK day.

thrift store haul

Please excuse my picture taking and camera ——> I will be investing in a bomb camera SOON [:

This haul came out to about $25. I also got my son a t-shirt. Most of the t-shirts came out to $1.50 each!

Whenever I go to the retail store I just can’t pay the regular price.

Unless it is one of a kind, I have a coupon or gift card. That’s just ME! That’s just the way my mentality is. I don’t know why lol but I enjoy going to thrift stores and retail shops because you don’t know what you can find. Also, I like to save money and just knowing that I’m helping the environment by reusing is a bonus.
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