Valentine’s day ideas

Are you into the whole Valentine’s Day thing?

I love the idea of Valentine’s day with the color combo of the red, white, pink and black. I used to love decorating and going all crazy over the day lol but that has definitely changed now. My husband isn’t into it at all or any holiday at that lol (He is a party pooper). I just make him a cute card saying something funny that will make him smile for the day. Something I try to do here and there no matter what.

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Fun and cute valentines day inspiration with red pink and white background blurred with lights

What is Valentine’s Day?

The meaning I found: Feast day of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection.

Observances: Sending greeting cards, gifts, and dating.

I was reading about the History of  Valentine’s day and it is all very interesting and something most people probably don’t know about. You should really go check it out!

Like I said before, I love the idea of Valentine’s day I just don’t go ALL OUT.

I enjoy the idea of LOVE and hearts everywhere. I just don’t like that some people can really ruin the day by wanting materialistic items. I’m all for the chocolate and a homemade card lol. I catch myself finding so many freakin’ cute and funny things online. With Valentines around the corner, I thought I would make a post on some of the stuff I found and give you all ideas for your significant other or kiddos.

Oh, & don’t forget!

LOVE YOURSELF! No matter what you are going through, you should always love yourself. In order to find the good in your life, you need to find your happiness and love from within. I know it can be hard when you are going through hard times but if you want to get out of those bad times, look at the positive. Find your happiness and love yourself first. Look at everything that you have in your life. Be thankful for the sun, your shoes, clothes and the ground. Any little thing you need to be thankful for. More good will come to you, once you realize all that you are grateful for. Don’t take one day out of the year to spread the love. Spread love and kindness throughout the whole year! Valentine’s day is a good day to remember all the love you have in your life. I hope you enjoy these Valentine cards and they bring you some laughter and happiness.

Here are some funny ones…

Click the pictures to read the inside of the cards/details.

red card with cut out letters from a magazine saying "They will never find our body..."white card with red and blue hearts that says "roses are red, violets are blue, Ryan gosling is married so i will settle for you".

Here are the cute ones.

Valentine card with a cute tacos that says "lets taco 'bout how awesome you are".Valentines card that says "in my book you're number one" with a girl holding a red book a pug dog with a red sweater with the saying "pugs and kisses!" valentines cardValentines card saying "my heart is stuck on you" with a green cactus and hearts in a brown potValentines card that says "wood you be mine" with a lumberjack holding a hatchet knife

These are too cute for the kiddos.

In all honesty, I can’t wait for my son to start school so I can do all the cute valentines things lol.

macaroni pasta and cheese block with a cute face on them with a saying "you're the cheese to my macaroni" valentines cardtwo oranges with straws and cute faces with a saying "orange you glad we're friends" valentines carda basket of vegetables that has cucumber, bell pepper, mushroom, beet, carrot and asparagus. Has a saying "you're cool as a cucumber, valentine!" valentines cardan ice cream cone with a cute face saying hey valentine, you're the coolest" valentines card

I hope you enjoyed these! Have a beautiful Valentines day. Fill every day with love, laughter, and happiness. 

Much love, Taylor Grey with a pink heart







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