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Brittnay is an Australian. She lived in London for the past two years and managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time (Isn’t that awesome!?). She is passionate about travel,  health, and nutrition, you will find her healthy and delicious recipes on The Nut Butter Hub.

Who doesn’t love a good cookout?

Invite the family or some friends over and just have a good time! Brittnay is going to be giving us some awesome tips on how to make the best of hosting a cookout.

ideas for hosting a cookout

If you want to host the best backyard cookout, you’ve come to the right place!

There are loads of ways to make your next cookout the envy of the neighborhood. It’s not just down to the food, you need to make sure you’ve got dessert, drinks and décor covered! Find out how to create a delicious and stress-free cookout below.

Don’t Skip Sides

Meat can be the main focus of the cookout, but don’t forget those sides! Salads, rice, and pasta are all great accompaniments to your grilled meats. Don’t skimp on the dressings to make sure your sides are super tasty. Oh, and nothing beats corn on the cob cooked on the grill, then slathered in butter!

[Corn on the cob on the grill is one of my favorites! –Taylor]

>>>MMMM Some Mexican Rice would be good too!

Don’t Forget Dessert

Dessert is often overlooked when it comes to a cookout but fixing up some yummy dessert options is a sure-fire way to have your cookout remembered. S’mores are one of the tastiest options for a backyard cookout dessert, who doesn’t love s’mores?! You can also try your hand at some other yummy desserts you can do on the grill. Fruit like pineapple and bananas are so tasty when they are grilled, especially accompanied with some delicious ice cream.  

[MMM that sounds so yummy! –Taylor]

Get Smoky

Smoking your food is an excellent way of impressing your friends and family as well as adding loads of flavor to your meats and veggies. It also allows you to be sociable because once your food is in the smoker you can set and forget it. If you have some vegetarians coming over why not try smoking some eggplant and mushroom in your natural gas smoker. Throw on some feta when you are done and you have yourself a Mediterranean pizza. You can also add different smoke flavors by using a different wood, and you can even use herbs and spices for an extra yummy flavor.

[What an awesome idea! –Taylor]

Decorate Up A Storm

Beautifying your backyard will make your cookout feel all the more special. Throwing a pretty tablecloth over your table and jazzing up your table with some nice tableware is a great way to make your evening memorable. Putting up lanterns or fairy lights for a relaxing vibe is a great way to make your yard look beautiful, as well as shedding some light once it gets dark.


Preparation is Key

Do as much prep as you can the night before, so you can spend as much time on the day of your cookout with your guests. You can do all your marinades, dressings and things like pasta salad the day before, so you aren’t rushing around the day of and spending all of your time in the kitchen.

 [This is true! My mom has a bad habit of doing everything last minute. –Taylor]

tips for hosting the best cookout

Drinks, Drinks and More Drinks

On a hot summers day, you need to make sure you provide plenty of drinks for your backyard cookout. Providing some tasty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage will ensure your friends and family remember your cookout for years to come. These yummy summery cocktails will just keep flowing all evening! If you want to provide non-alcoholic drinks, these delish party drinks will steal the show.

Get Some Music On

Music makes a night, so get some speakers outside and make sure you’ve got some great tunes! You can make a playlist for your cookout, with a mixture of classics and current songs. If you don’t want to make your own playlist, there are lots of options already out there and ready-made for your purpose.

Use Good Ingredients

Using the best ingredients ensures an amazing cookout. Purchasing great quality meat and fresh fruits and vegetables makes for great flavor, and flavor is king! Your food will be the talk of the neighborhood if you are using the highest quality ingredients.

Just a few of these tips will ensure your backyard cookout is amazing – all of them will ensure it is the best!


Go take a look at these two, mouthwatering, recipes from her blog & leave her some love!

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I hope you enjoyed these awesome tips! Be sure to go check her out @ The Nut Butter Hub for more delicious recipes.

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