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CozyPhones review

My kids are the same way.

Thankfully they both enjoy the outdoors and would much rather be outside playing or going for a walk. Nowadays you see so many kids glued to their phone, tablet or TV. I mean I get it, technology is the thing now. Technology is what our society is made of now. Everything we do has something to do with technology and that’s okay.

The world is evolving and we can’t just live at a standstill.

What we should do is have balance. Instead of just glued to our tech devices we need to show our kids the balance between outdoors and technology. I have nothing against technology. I used to really enjoy learning about the new tech coming out but then I had kiddos and my interest swayed. Technology is really cool, The uncool part about it is the fact that so many people are becoming obsessed, lazy and reliable on to it. It’s sad when people start abusing the use of tech and constantly with it. 

This is what I do for my kids.

I put restrictions on their tablet.

There is this awesome feature on the iPad where you can turn off the use of the internet (safari). I love this because even when I would delete the youtube app, my son would still figure out how to find it on the internet. There are other restrictions that are cool to have so that way you can have control over the device and not the kids.

Also, I don’t let my kids use the iPad all day every day. I make sure they have a good balance with everything from Outdoors, playing with their toys, watching a movie or on their iPad. I don’t let my kids take the iPad out of the house either. I make sure they learn to have patience when we are somewhere where they don’t want to be. Unless shit hits the fan (like, I really need them to chill) then I will hand them my phone or as a reward for good behavior, they can use our phones.

Download fun learning games.

Both my kids have learned a significant amount on the apps that I have downloaded for them. This is something that is trial and error. Sometimes you will download an app and there isn’t much on there for them to do or learn. It’s nice to know that kids really can learn from technology when it isn’t being abused. I enjoy seeing my kids have fun and learning at the same time. They are so cute when they are just laughing, learning, and singing. Shoot, even sometimes I gotta step in on a game and help them out.

CozyPhones review and balancing technology

It’s all about balance. Don’t let your toddler become a youtube zombie!

It’s never too late to get your kids on a good balance. Be a good example. Not gonna lie, I’ve fallen into the social media & youtube hole. Where all you want to do is be on your phone or watch youtube videos. Then I came to realize that my son wanted to do the same things. Once I started being more away from my phone and being actually present then he started following my lead. It’s good to know that we can always change for the better and learn from our parenting mistakes.

No more toddler tablet junkie

CozyPhones Review

+ I am stating my honest opinion and I was not paid to do this review.

What momma wants to hear train videos or learning songs on full blast when you are trying to catch up on some Netflix shows?!

That’s where these stinkin’ cute headphones come in handy. My son was convinced that the unicorn was a horse haha. I thought this concept was really cool and was excited when the company reached out to me to do a review. They have other styles as well and there are some for adults too! The fact that they are easy to use for kids is an even bigger plus.

My son thought the CozyPhones were cool but he just isn’t a headphone kinda guy.

He does wear them for a little bit but takes them off. That doesn’t mean they are not an awesome device.  I would totally recommend these to others who have trouble with headphones. I know sometimes they can be uncomfortable, fall out easily or too bulky. I tried these on and they were super comfy, had a good quality sound and of course, stayed put on your head. Dude, you can also just slip the headphones out of the cozy band and wash it. We all know how these kids can get, always with their little messes. How convenient is that!?

Go check out their website for more information and their Facebook page for promo announcements.

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