Are you and your family just all over the place?

We are and I am totally fine with it (:

I had always wanted that “perfect” family, everything always spic and span clean lifestyle, kids always well behaved. Nope! Not here! Not for this family at least lol. 

Hello there, Taylor here!

Giving you some real-life mommy info. I want to show you that not everything has to be or look perfect. That lifestyle just isn’t us & it’s all good! There is going to be a little bit of everything here on my blog and I will always be real & straight up with you. Nothin’ but positive vibes here ♥

I am a simple momma & a wife to my husband Alex. We are both twenty-five years old and our kids are four (J) and one (Lexa).  I am a stay at home mom and Alex does Upholstery. We both love family time, trying new restaurants and watching movies.

About me Taylor and Alex at our wedding

If you would like to get to know us a tad more then check out my post on our wedding.

Much love, Taylor Grey with a pink heart







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